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For this build, we handled everything from procuring the domain, to setting up domain-based email, building out a site design, and setting up an automated email marketing system.

VRSTY is also a management client (in partnership with 307 Artist Management), and we built this site to release with the announcement of the band’s signing to Spinefarm Records.



Andrew hired us to design and develop a website to feature his production and songwriting portfolio. He wanted something simple and easy to navigate.

We decided on a one-page style site, showcasing featured releases by artists he’s worked with; an embed of his discography on Spotify; and his full credits; and closing out with a contact form that notifies Andrew and his team of any new submissions.



Rumble Room Studios – owned by Jeremy Anderson, who is also a guitarist in RVNT, a Theoria Group/307 MGMT artist – contacted us to create a simple website featuring his discography and a contact form to keep submissions organized.

We have a more expansive design planned out and will be updating the site to reflect those plans once additional assets are in place.



Softspoken is actually my (Chris) band, so this was an in-house job. I first learned web design because after we paid a “designer” for our first website, and then got ghosted when we needed crucial updates, I took it upon myself to learn how to do exactly what he did.

Softspoken’s website goes through periodic updates depending on the marketing needs. The link below goes to the currently unused home page.



Another inside job, but this is just a simple example of setting up a Shopify store. This store uses one of Shopify’s free themes, but we’ve taken the time to optimize the store’s SEO in addition to the placement of items for the best user experience.

This store is also set up with dropshipping partners, complete shipping profiles, and more – all services we offer to bands so that your store is as much of an automatic sales platform as possible.



Another example of a quick Shopify store, this one using the same free theme as the store for Softspoken, using a lot of the same techniques for set up.



Please leave any applicable links to music, your artist/band/agency/label and anything else you think we should know!