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As important as Facebook or Instagram might be, a website should always be the central hub of a band's online activity. Control your content, control who sees it and how they see it. We can link to or even include storefronts, media/audio players, and more!


As a small business you need a strong online presence, and nothing will speak professionalism like a well-designed and efficient website. If you have a brick & mortar store, a website can be your digital equivalent. We can help you design the ideal experience for your customers!


Integrating with online retailers such as Shopify, BigCartel, BandCamp, and more has never been easier. We can help you set up a store via one of those platforms, or even build you a completely custom website with a store included!


Record label or music industry agent? Like the bands you push, you need a central hub for all of your information. We can help you design a digital storefront that's both visually appealing, and informative to give your business the extra edge it needs.


These days more and more shoppers use the internet to scope out their interests, and housing is no exception. Let us help you design a command center for all of your listings - photo and video galleries, appointment booking, FAQs, and anything else your potential clients need!


As a photographer/videographer/designer, nothing says professional like a well-designed and easy-to-use portfolio. Grab a domain with your name or business name, and work with us to incorporate all the design elements you want to make the maximum impact!


We quote each project based on the specific needs of said project. There are a lot of factors that affect the final price we quote you including but not limited to the complexity of the website you’re wanting, any work we have to do to secure a domain, and extras such as SSL Certificates (for security), store certificates, special themes or plugins (we will recommend, but it is ultimately your choice to add or not), personal email, and more.

We are firm believers in the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” For businesses concerned about analytics, SEO, and return of investment (ROI), you need a developer who understands the importance of those tools and their proper implementation, and we stand by our commitment to offer you the best value.

We require a 50% deposit after we’ve decided on the details/before we begin work on the website itself. If you are purchasing a domain through us, that includes the price of the domain (and any other extras you might have). The remaining balance is due once the website has been finalized, and before we turn over the login information to you.

After the preliminary emails and discussion to decide on a direction and all the small details, we typically have websites completed within a month. We are more than able and willing to work within tighter time frames, but at times rushed or constricted timelines will also increase the price.

Our bottom line is that we want to give you our best work, and if that means we have to tell you we don’t have time to take on your project within a certain time frame, we will be honest and upfront from the beginning.

We offer a range of solutions depending on the client and the timeline. We have access to a library of themes that are completely modifiable – to the point to where you can’t discern whether Site A and Site B have the same theme – or we can build a site from the ground up.

However, we do not offer custom graphic design. If you need certain artistic elements incorporated into your website, then we will either use what you already have prepared, or we can refer you to design partners who can work with you to bring your vision to life.

We can offer domain hosting through GoDaddy, and provide you with administrator access so that you can also login and access the domain and website. Hosting is a separate fee from Design & Development, and is typically recurring, and will be billed to you directly.
If you have another question that hasn’t been addressed here, just scroll below and send us a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


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