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Founded in February 2018,
THEORIA GROUP exists to help artists and creatives in the music industry.

We believe there are four traits that support success:
Passion, Integrity, Creativity, and Humility.

PASSION for what you do
INTEGRITY in how you do it
CREATIVITY in overcoming obstacles
and HUMILITY in success.

Over our two years of existence, we have entered into several strategic partnerships
with other agencies and companies to expand the services we are able to offer artists.

Learn more about those services below, or read our full story.



From the beginning, Artist Management has been at the center of everything Theoria Group does. Everything else we offer evolved from our team picking up additional skills needed to propel the careers of the artists we work with.

In late 2018 we entered into a strategic partnership with 307 Artist Management, and work with most of our artists under that brand. We purposefully keep the Theoria roster small and operating as a ‘feeder’ to eventually bring bands up onto the 307 team.


We offer a wide range of web development services for professionals involved in the music industry. We pride ourselves on a quick return time, and affordable rates. To date we have developed websites for bands, labels, producers, and more.

From unique and completely customized WordPress-based websites, to Shopify stores, to simply setting up and optimizing your website on other platforms, we are here to help with whatever web-based needs you might have.


We help bands, managers and agents, and label owners see upwards of a 500% increase to their numbers – fans, sales, streams, engagement – through the implementation of effective and efficient marketing strategies.

As of February 2020 we are proud to be partnered with simpl. a music marketing and growth agency that specializes in the use of digital marketing to fuel the growth and development of businesses in the music industry.


Where Artist Management is amplifying what established bands are already doing, Artist Development is taking brand new bands from absolutely nothing and building them to a pre-determined goal.

Artist Development is a service we offer through our partner simpl. Contact us via the button below to learn more.


Our monthly coaching service is designed to guide and coach you through your project’s release. We’ll develop a social media strategy and conduct weekly meetings to discuss content, timeline, and marketing.

Coaching is a service we offer through our parter simpl. Contact us via the button below to learn more.


A one-time one hour long call whenever you need it to go over whatever questions you have. We can give feedback, or give you a hands-on lesson on topics such as tour Booking, Band Agreements, Ads, Release plans and more.

Consulting is a service we offer through our partner simpl. Schedule your one-hour consultation ($30) via the button below.


We can create customized stream and lyric videos, including animation and motion graphics to bring new life to your artwork.


We can connect you with our network of trusted artists who will not only deliver quality content, but do so at a great rate and affordable price.


With complications because of COVID-19, we are not currently promoting any concerts. Please check again at a later date for any updates.


For general information, or for artists and other creatives looking to receive work through our network, please send an email to info@theoria.group.

For service-related inquiries, click below.


Please leave any applicable links to music, your artist/band/agency/label and anything else you think we should know!