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Theoria Group, like most things, started as an idea. Originally the idea was to start an agency based in the music industry that worked with the simple goal of helping passionate people do what they love to do. The theory was that there are four traits – or pillars – that I believe are necessary for success: passion, integrity, humility, and creativity.

PASSION is defined as “an intense desire or enthusiasm for something”. I have a passion for music, and a passion for helping people. I do not believe that you can truly be successful in life if you don’t have passion driving you forward.

INTEGRITY is defined as “the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness”. There are examples in all businesses, but especially in the music industry, of people becoming successful at the expense of others; agents or labels or artists taking advantage of one another. With Theoria Group, I hope to be a part of a change for the better.

HUMILITY is defined as “the quality of being humble” which means putting the needs of others before yourself, acknowledging that you are not always right, and that you are never ‘the best’ and there is always room for growth.

CREATIVITY is defined as “the use of the imagination or original ideas, especially in the production of an artistic work” which obviously is important in music, and I think equally as important when it comes to problem solving.

When I started Theoria Group, I wanted to find musicians and creatives who embodied these traits and I wanted to help them however possible. That theory of pillars led me to the name, and the branding.

I originally founded Theoria in 2018 as Theoria Management, an artist management agency, and quickly expanded into other ventures – Theoria Apparel, Theoria Web Studios, Theoria Records – and eventually settled on THEORIA GROUP as the overarching company.

Over the past two years I have been lucky enough to create strong ties to other agencies and professionals and have either partnered or affiliated with other theorists such as myself.

Currently, the core of Theoria Group is still artist management. Theoria serves as a ‘feeder’ for our sister agency, 307 Artist Management, where I manage my main roster of developed acts.

As of 2020 we have also partnered with simpl. as a means to offer marketing, development, consulting, and education to growing artists. simpl. offers many of the same services I had envisioned for Theoria Group, but when I connected with Anthony at simpl., he had a framework in place so it just made more sense for me to add my knowledge and efforts to his rather than try something on my own. To date, we’ve helped over a dozen artists, and a handful of labels deliver strong releases.

Though I had considered closing the web development service within Theoria, 2019 saw me completing five brand new websites, and 2020 has seen a marked increase as well. Theoria Group continues to offer website design and development to music industry based professionals (producers, studios, agencies, labels) while we offer our site building services for bands through simpl. as well.

2019 also saw me taking on another new venture, which was promoting a few local shows. Though I am still easing my way into that world, and mostly only working with/for the bands I manage, it’s something I look forward to working hard at once live shows become a possibility again.

Last but not least, for those who don’t know me, outside of Theoria Group, I also play guitar in a post-hardcore band called Softspoken.

Chris Wethington


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